Ruiz has already spent $7 million on NIL deals

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      Mark Wheeler
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        My take on it is that if he spends $70 million on current players, good for him and good for them. What I hate about NIL, whether it is Miami or UF or anyone else, is if numbers are talked about before the player is part of the team.

        It should never be used as an inducement.

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          You can’t prohibit payments as an inducement to sign. That’s the way it’s done in every other industry. It can’t and shouldn’t be regulated.

          I hate it too but you can’t deny the kids their value which includes their potential.

          Certainly takes alot of the fun out of it for me though.

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            Yeah, agreed, but it is what it is. Ruiz can just blow his whole wad of cash trying to make scUM relevant again. The key is, you need the coaching to go along with it and CrystalBalls has always been a meh coach. Sure, he won some games at Oregon, but could never get over the hump, even with Phil Knight’s cash and we all know that Knight has way more cash than Ruiz. I just don’t get the hype with big boobs Mario!

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              I think there needs to be a limit per team like TV , bowl etc money is issued. The NFL has a cap why shouldn’t the NCAA.

              I have a issue the the portal one time transfer rule. It should take effect after your third year removed from highschool, coach change or probation. NIL money can not be given to a transfer. It used to be you transferred and you had to sit out now you can transfer and get paid while the other school invested in you and your commitment.

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