Richardson better stay healthy

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      AR better not be doing any flips or taking any chances. The line needs to protect him like their lives depend on it.

      If he goes down who do we go with Kitna or Brown?

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      The bigger problem here is that if you keep Richardson from running to keep him healthy you make him an average QB and severely limit this offense.

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      This is not news, even before Miller injury.

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      I would think kitna plays. Brown was a last thought to need a few years. Kitna at least has a year of college football under his belt

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      It doesn’t matter if it’s Kitna, Brown or that walk on. If Richardson goes down we’re playing for next year anyway because this season’s over.

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      I don’t have a problem with him running. Quarterbacks are more likely to get injured standing in the pocket and getting hit than they are when they are running the ball.

      I am talking about him taking unnecessary chances. He doesn’t need to lower his shoulder or hurdle defensive backs. Go down or run out of bounds.

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