Report: Hevesey being hired

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      Mark Wheeler
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      Steve L
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      Needs a check. Don’t blame him.

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      Go Gators TJ
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      Brewster being hired as just a analyst has to be a bigger upset than this.

      Hevesy can coach but can’t recruit. Brewster is good at both jobs.

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      Steve L
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      I think Brewster’s reputation is overrated on coaching and recruiting. Just my my opinion but he didn’t tear it up at Florida.

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      Tight ends performed well under Brewster and he had a top tight end committed in this coming class.
      Hev was a solid coach just not a good recruiter. Never worried about their coaching. I also think coaches can get past being less than stellar recruiters if they have a dynamic head coach. Sunseri at bama was an elite recruiter with sabans backing but wasn’t elite here.

Viewing 5 reply threads
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