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      I haven’t heard any discussion along these lines but I don’t think the Big Ten plans on having a bunch of coast to coast travelling.

      I think they will add 4 more west coast teams to get to 20. Then move 4 current members (maybe Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin) to the West Coast Division and end up with 10 teams in the west, 10 teams in the east and maybe a championship game and one or two cross-over games per season for each team.

      This makes so much sense for FOX and for the teams in the league. It also maintains regionality to some extent with is good, I guess, not that I personally care about football on the west coast.

      Folks are talking about the burden of travelling across the country so often, especially for the sports other than football, but I think FOX and the Big Ten are only beginning.

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      That might be good for football ratings but what about the girl’s volleyball team having to go across country on a Tuesday night?

      Conferences should stay regional.

      The SEC commish said he plans on staying at 16. That should be the cap. 4 differeent 16 team leagues.

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      We might prefer regional conferences but I don’t think that’s what they are going to do.

      Volleyball, tennis, track and other non-revenue teams will stay in the west and in the east with rare exceptions, like maybe a championship game or a cross-over game or two.

      Just a thought about where they are heading. Constant cross country traveling doesn’t make sense to me and I don’t think it does to FOX and Big Ten either.

      In a way this east division and west division maintains some regionality.

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      Yeah, all these conference realignment decisions are based on greed and how to make the most money.
      There is no concern for the student/athlete nor for the good of the sports involved.
      All the suits are digging their own graves, because everything will change once the student/athletes start demanding getting paid from TV revenue and gate receipts.
      I don’t know what will happen then, but there will be seismic changes.
      How does the NCAA survive and how do the schools continue supporting the non-revenue generating sports?
      I can envision a scenario where the (football) “haves”/”have-nots” split.
      The “have-nots” remain with their current student/athlete model and the “haves” become the NFL minor league where the universities lease their facilities to the teams and the players no longer are required to be students.
      But in the end, who knows.
      All I know is that greed has been killing the sport for years now.

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