Read this Saban was high on our new DC Armstrong

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        Saban knows defense and if he was high on him we should be over the moon that we got him.

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          I hate to sound like a Debbie Downer here, and I know sometimes that’s how it comes off, but I like to be realistic and even-keeled.

          It is a bit over the top to say he has the Saban seal of approval because while Saban needed to hire a defensive coordinator this offseason, and he did, he didn’t hire Armstrong for that role, he hired him to coach a position.

          There’s a hell of a difference between Saban thinking Armstrong is ready to coach a unit, and thinking he is ready to run an SEC defense – which is what UF has hired him to do.

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              You’re right. Add to this he just did this with his prior DC who didn’t get the job done and was pushed out. Saban isn’t right every time.

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              Charlie Strong should have got a call.

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                  Hire him for one year but college football got to stop recycling the same coaches over again.

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