Portal writer on Rivals predicts Mertz will be our quarterback

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        Mertz joins Florida after starting 32 games at Wisconsin over the past three seasons. The former Rivals100 member has yet to live up to his hype coming out of high school, throwing for 5,332 yards and 38 touchdowns with 26 interceptions while posting a 19-13 record as a starter.

        Prediction: Mertz. While the Wisconsin transfer hasn’t been convincing over his three seasons as a starter, his experience should win him the first-team role.

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          Miller hasn’t been impressive so mertz I thought came here expecting to be starter

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              What if we get someone like Dart to transfer here after spring practice.

              He could beat out Mertz.

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                  Can he thought? Already transferred once and I’d worry about a qb that kiffin is essentially giving up on.

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                    They got Sanders from OSU in the portal.

                    He could have went to the NFL. If he beats out Dart that isn’t saying Dart is all that bad.

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                  I admit I know next to nothing about grading QBs, and that I am no doubt in the minority on my opinion …
                  but I thought Miller showed some good things in the one game he played.
                  I thought his performance was directly related to the O-line poor game.
                  Florida’s strength all year was being able to run the ball and they couldn’t do that against Oregon State.
                  Plus it was Miller’s first start.
                  I would not be too surprised if he ends up as the starter over Mertz.
                  And since I mentioned the O-line poor performance in the bowl game – did O’Cyrus Torrence really make that big of a difference to the O-line?

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                      Not only did Torrence make a big difference in the run game but so did AR.

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                      Reading the spring practice story I’m going to withhold judgement until we see if we sign someone else.

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