Players who could be All SEC this year

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    QB – Richardson will have to beat out the Alabama returning starter but he could have a All SEC year.

    RB – I don’t think we have anyone who will be the main man. We’ll probably split it up three ways again.

    WR – No one is going to be good enough to be one of the top six receivers in the SEC.

    TE – We’re worse at tight end than we are receiver. No chance we have a All SEC tight end this year.

    OL – Torrence, Gouriage and White could all have good enough seasons to be considered for the All SEC team.

    DL – Dexter and Cox are the main two who could be good enough to be considered.

    LB – Miller will be one of the top tacklers in the league.

    DB – We have solid players back there but no one jumps out as being All SEC worthy.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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