Players who could be All SEC this year

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        QB – Richardson will have to beat out the Alabama returning starter but he could have a All SEC year.

        RB – I don’t think we have anyone who will be the main man. We’ll probably split it up three ways again.

        WR – No one is going to be good enough to be one of the top six receivers in the SEC.

        TE – We’re worse at tight end than we are receiver. No chance we have a All SEC tight end this year.

        OL – Torrence, Gouriage and White could all have good enough seasons to be considered for the All SEC team.

        DL – Dexter and Cox are the main two who could be good enough to be considered.

        LB – Miller will be one of the top tacklers in the league.

        DB – We have solid players back there but no one jumps out as being All SEC worthy.

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          Cox, Miller, Marshall on defense.

          AR on offense.

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            This is kind of depressing.

            Richardson has potential but besides him we don’t have anyone who’s the elite player at his position.

            Marshall, Wingo and Dexter were 5 stars.

            You would think if they live up to their ranking potential they would be all SEC players.

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              A healthy Richardson is a top 10 player in the SEC and when he is playing his best he is a top 10 player in the country.

              Cox can be All SEC too.

              Marshall isn’t getting enough credit. PFF had him as one of the top cover corners in the SEC last year.

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                I’m hoping elskins can have a shock break out season

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                  I think he can be a breakout player but there’s a lot of TE in the SEC better than him.

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                    Kingsley on the OL. He plays with an edge

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                    Fun & Gun
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                      Kingsley is a good pick.

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