Pierce continues to turn heads

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          Love that guy. I recall, I think it was when the McElwain administration was crumbling, we had a horrible game vs. UGA and Pierce and a couple of others were the only ones to show up after the game in front of the band to sing the school song. Pathetic showing by the coaches and players but gave me a lot respect for Pierce. He’s not even from Florida..

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            Back when Pierce committed, I watched an interview with him and where he grew up. A family filled with plenty of love and respect for everybody. He’s been a great Gator and has come a long way from that small community. He could’ve done so much more were he allowed to touch the ball about 25 times a game. He’s a hungry player and players gotta eat! Gators are truly going to miss his leadership and desire on the field. I pray he has a long, fulfilling career balling out in the league. He deserves every dime he can make!

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