Parting Thoughts Q&A: Rick Wells Part I

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      Rafael De Los Santos
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        We wanted to do one final Anonymous Player Q&A to put a ribbon on the last couple of years before moving on to the Billy Napier era. Because his six year career took us from Jim McElwain through Dan Mullen, I asked Rick Wells if he wanted to do it.

        He agreed, but not anonymously, he wanted to put his name with his words and he wanted a guarentee that every question he answered would be printed.

        He was a bit of an enigma. He had talent for sure, but never really made a difference on game day. Back when pracftices, and even a scrimmage here and there were completely open, he made as many plays as any receiver ond the team. If we’re being honest, he probably dug his own hole those first two years with the off the field incidents, but he stuck it out and probably earned more chances that he actually received.

        So, here we are after Rafel conducted almost a two hour interview with Wells, that resulted in almost 12,000 words. Normally, an article is in the 600 to 1,100 word range, meaning we had to break this feature down into multiple parts.

        [See the full post at: Parting Thoughts Q&A: Rick Wells Part I]

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        Mark Wheeler
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          That is my opinion, I can’t help that it showed up under Rafeal’s name on here.

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          John Valentine
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            This was my absolute favorite of all the player Q&A’s. I read every single word across the four parts.

            I feel like Rick was candid and extremely honest (and tactful).

            And despite Rick’s Buddhist approach here, I’m going to say on his behalf that Dan did him dirty and the way Mullen comported himself in that last year and a half was NOT up to the “Gator Standard.”

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              Took a long time to read but worth it. Provided a lot of info on things we suspected and where things went wrong. Agree with the above poster, very tactful.

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              ITG Subscriber

                He was honest for sure from his POV but I can’t believe he thinks Mac was better than Mullen.

                If Mullen could recruit he would be a top 2 or 3 coach in the country.

                And Wells had his best year under Mullen.

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                ITG Subscriber

                  That’s story about Mullen telling him that he wasn’t NFL material is wild.

                  I think maybe he was trying to get him to transfer so he said that. Because who would play for coach who said something like that to you?

                  Good stories from Wells and I like how he took responsibility for his screw ups.

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                    Mac without a quarterback (post grier) made the sec title game his first 2 years and his recruiting in his last year was improving. He had pitts, corral, jamar chase, a top receiver that ended up at clemson. He won 10 games at his other head coaching stops. And the admin wasn’t all in like they are with Napier. Mac even said so after a bowl win. He couldn’t handle the pressure which is unfortunate and didn’t have an elite staff…he wasn’t a bad coach though.

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                    Steve L
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                      I read it all. One conclusion: He says shit even more than I do and that’s going some. LOL. Seriously it was an honest and revealing interview. Honestly I felt bad for the kid and hope he has a successful career after football.

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