Our Recruiting coaches are doing a victory lap

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        This is the man fans said should be replaced.

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          I’ve said it since day 1. CBN has a plan for UF that will work with a little patience from the too toxic fan base. I’ve followed the man’s career. He’s a humble man and loves the Gators. Watched them as he was growing up. This is where he and his family want to be. He told us he’d build an organization and how it would operate when he took the job. He and his staff know what they’re doing. They’re paid to evaluate, recruit, and coach. Just sit back with your popcorn and watch them work. We’ll definitely be near the top when NSD rolls around. BTW, sure is quiet on here today and I imagine other message boards. I guess there’s quite a few Gator fans stuffing their mouths with crow. It don’t taste good does it?

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            We’re bragging on 12th rated classes?

            Mullen did better for his bump class and that was still below Zook, Muschamp or Meyer.

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              I think class rankings don’t necessarily tell the whole story.
              Muschamp had highly ranked classes, but were not very well balanced.
              I know that there’s still a long time to go to fill out this class, but I think this class is already better than any class Mullen had.
              Look at the blue chip ratio, and the best Mullen ever had was 75%, and his last class was 57%.
              This current class stands at 87.5% at this point.
              This is a good foundation for establishing depth for the future.
              The only criticism I have is that there could be better O and D line depth, but as I said, there is still a long way to go to signing day.

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                They deserve to brag on how we did in July. We got fans that complain about everything.

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                  Compared to where we were before the run of commitments they should be able to brag on moving us up in to the top 15 classes.

                  If we can finish in the 6 to 8 range that would be a great 1st class for Napier.

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