Observations from Saturday: Wide receivers

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      Cam Parker
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      One thing I noticed last night within the wide receivers that was a main difference from the Mullen-era (both the good seasons and last season’s bad season) was the lack of wide receiver rotation.

      Mullen would constantly rotate in groups. Meaning (really outside of 2020), the three starters, would play one-to-two drives before an entire new group would come in. It never felt like there was a true starting group. It was more 1A and 1B, which is good when you have four future NFL receivers on roster, but that is rare.

      The rotation was often predictable, too. It worked in 2019, mostly due to great QB play by Trask and multiple NFL receivers in the room, but failed in 2021 with poor QB play and lackluster receivers. When it didn’t work, it didn’t allow a QB to bond with a WR, or for a WR to get consistent reps. It never allowed someone to “break out.”

      I didn’t see that at all last night. Napier stuck with his starters, and subbed in only if necessary.

      Out of Richardson’s 17 completions and 168 passing yards, Florida’s starters (Pearsall, Henderson and Shorter), finished with 12 receptions for 133 yards.

      While Florida did not have a passing touchdown, Napier sticking with his main guys throughout the game paid off as Henderson and Pearsall both made clutch plays on third down. Don’t expect mass subs the way Mullen would, but so far it looks like a good thing.

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      Gatlin Gator
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      I wish we could have seen the younger receivers to see if there’s any talent there to compete with all the recruits we have committed.

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