Napier: ‘You don’t just flip a switch and the house is built’

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      Florida head coach Billy Napier along with O’Cyrus Torrence and Anthony Richardson met with the media Monday to discuss what happened during the loss to Vanderbilt, the state of the program, dealing with fan reaction, and what is in store on Friday when the Gators take on Florida State.

      [See the full post at: Napier: ‘You don’t just flip a switch and the house is built’]

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      Tell LSU or TCU or any other new coach but us and Miami that you can’t build a house already.

      They’ve all been able to do it.

      We’re building an outhouse.

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      Well, LSU two years ago won the college football playoff.
      Florida (JV team as Mullen put it) two years ago got trounced by Oklahoma in a bowl game.
      The two programs started this year at two different levels.

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        Did you read the story that was linked about not blaming Mullen anymnore?

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        To be clear though, because people act as though LSU started a much better place because of Oregon’s recruiting, after Kelly took over and the graduates, early entries and transfer portal kids left, he started out with only 39 scholarship players and built that team up in the same amount of time that was afforded Napier.

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      Mullen left a mess. It will take time to rebuild this house right. Quick fixes tend to not last. Both Mac and Mullen were able to lose the SEC title game relatively quickly just like Kelly and LSU. But two years later it was a disaster. Napier is building it correctly from the foundation up. Like Saban, Smart and Swinney all did.

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