Napier is sounding like Butch Jones

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      Fun & Gun
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      Napier’s speech to reporters after the game sounds like when the Tennessee coach was talking about their players being champions of life.

      He’s talking about how their growing closer but nobody cares about that.

      That’s a joke, but it’s on us.

      We need to start seeing some improvement or he can head to the HS level.

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      We’re gonna be champions of life! Great…..

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      What is he supposed to say? He was left a mess with not much talent and a horrendous culture. Is he supposed to say these players suck and my hands are tied until we bring in some talent?

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      The mental aspect of the game is what I am sure most people will not understand (as evidenced by some of the comments here).
      I admit I don’t understand the mentality of football players, but coaches like Urban Meyer (degree in psychology) did and (ab)used the skill to success on the field.
      I think of Meyer more as a con artist than a football coach, and much of his success, I feel, was due to the good coaches around him.
      Because of his mental games, Meyer left the UF program broken, by his own admission.
      I think the program is still broken, and it will take time to fix and the mentality of the team must first change.
      This is part of the culture change that has to happen.
      Mullen was almost guaranteeing championships, and when the first loss of the season happens, those goals were gone and the coach and team quit.
      How do you motivate a team when you tell them the goal is to get win championships and they lose a game and the goal is gone?
      I like Napier’s incremental approach, goals that you can control, but still keeping things in perspective.
      From what I read, his message is the team lost and everyone (coaches included) must get better.
      And then analyze what went wrong and improve on it.
      There are already signs that there is improvement in this area in that the number of penalties and penalty yards are lower than previous years.
      I know this is not the same as wins/losses, but it shows there are some improvements in the mental discipline part of the game.
      Let’s see what Napier does in the next couple of years before judging the job Napier is doing.

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      Mark Wheeler
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      He is never going to be the person to go up there and give this fiery type of post game press conference.

      He’s very measured in his words.

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      That’s another good point.
      What he says and his demeanor at press conferences may be somewhat different in front of the players.

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      Steve L
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      As Shakespeare said, “Much ado about nothing” He’s got a decrepit team and can’t tell the world that. No QB, a lack of receivers, a defensive uni that is woefully lackin,.among a myriad of other issues. A total cluster fkg. Some his fault and a bunch not so much.This team is a total anomaly.

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