Napier is looking for a QBR of 145-plus – here’s Richardson’s game by game


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      Mark Wheeler
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      Billy Napier didn’t answer what the target was for pass completion percentage, but he said today that they are looking for a QBR of 145-plus

      This is Richardson’s game-by-game rating.

      Utah 129.63
      Kentucky 62.89
      South Florida 85.60
      Tennessee 151.48
      Eastern Washington 327.60
      Missouri 106.03
      LSU 135.36
      Georgia 119.09
      Texas A&M 144.59
      South Carolina 117.43

      First 3 games: 92.7
      Last 7 games: 157.36
      Last 6 against P5: 128.9
      Overall 127.2

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      ITG Subscriber

      Does this mean that the coaches think that AR has only played 2 good games this year?

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        Mark Wheeler
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        If your goal is to hit 65% of your passes for 300 yards and three touchdowns, but you only hit 60% of passes for 250 yards and two touchdowns, that doesn’t mean you had a bad game, it just means you didn’t hit the goal.

        I would say that Tennessee, Eastern Washington, LSU, and Texas A&M were really good games.

        Utah, UGA were good.

        The rest so-so to poor.

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      Mark Wheeler
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      Q. Is there a completion percentage threshold you’d like for him to hit? Do you have like a number? I realize it varies by pro.

      BILLY NAPIER: QBR is really where we — 145-plus is the number we kind of hang our hat on. A lot of things affect that, right? Completion percentage being one of those, but ultimately a heavy factor in that is touchdown-to-interception ratio as well. Explosive plays influence that number. So I think overall —

      Q. How many times has he hit it?

      BILLY NAPIER: That’s a good question. I don’t know that right off the top of my head.

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      The Kentucky game looks so bad.

      Why Napier didn’t pull Richardson outof that game for 1 or 2 series blows my mind.

      Kitna isn’t as good as Richardson, but he wouldn’t have lost that game.

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        Seems clear to me we were and are a better team than Kentucky. In that game, Levis hit one big play and AR gave it away with the interceptions.

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      I’m surprised at AR’s QBRs. I thought it was worse than that. The improvement is clear though. I have high hopes for the final two games and next year!

      Seems clear to me that Kitna is a better passer and makes better decisions with the football but he’s also not going to rip off 85 yard runs that change games. Kitna probably doesn’t have the range that Richardson has also but we haven’t seen that.

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      Steve L
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      Richardson is hitting 55% of his passes for the year 60% would have a very positive impact on his completion rate. He’s had a multitude of missed passes. Some drops for sure but probably not as many drops as missed targets. I think what you see is what you get with him. 55% of passes and a marvelous set of wheels. Also the QBR of 327 against Eastern Washington artificially inflates his QBR rating.

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      I can’t believe he did so bad against South Florida.

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