Napier is about to be 4-4 unranked and can’t sign 5 stars

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      What do we have with him?

      I’m not bitching about losing Mcclain or that we are going to get our asses kicked Saturday but where are we?

      I don’t see how we are better next year.

      I don’t see him beating Alabama or Georgia or now Miami for recruits.

      We haven’t been a great team for 10 years and I don’t see it happening for us any time soon with Napier.

      Am I wrong?

      If I am why am I wrong?

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      Who do you think could make it happen?

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      This guy’s crying is getting old

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        You said the same thing when people complained about Mullen until you started complaining about him yourself.

        Does that mean fans can only complain about a coach when you say its okay?

        You aren’t the message board police.

        I don’t agree with him this early but he can write whatever he wants.

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      If we hit the portal HARD then we can improve vastly next year. We will have a lot of young players but can plug and play great talent from the portal. If Napier does this we will be fine next year. Pending growth from AR that we should see.

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      This guy cries more than Kirby Smart.

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      Well I guess that means I can write what I want

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