Napier can put Florida beat Florida on a shirt and sell it

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      I’m tired of hearing him say Florida beat Florida. Doesn’t he get paid for that not to happen?

      Has anyone else lost faith in him already or am I going overboard?

      He needs to send some of his LL buddies packing and bring in real coordinators.

      We’ll probably be better if Richardson goes pro too.

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      Steve L
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      I think you’re going overboard a tad. I distinctly remember before the season and multitudes of Gator fans were predicting 8-4/9-3 and even 10-2 or a few saying saying 11. I said 7-5 and some folks poo pooed that. Those expectations were very unrealistic. 8 wins was the max and that was still a stretch. !! games into a first season with what was a dysfunctional team last year is too early to be jumping of tall buildings

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