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      We’re 2-1 but if we don’t do something we are going to hit a wall where we are going to lose 5 or more games in the next 9 weeks.

      Fans aren’t happy with Richardson and Wright but the change I would make would be on defense.

      At safety I would sit Dean and at defensive end Princely Umanmeilen needs to take a back seat to Boone.

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      Cam Parker
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      I would take a look at the tight end position. As respectable as Zanders is for his storyline and decent blocking, it may be beneficial for Napier to give the starting spot to Zipperer or even one of the younger guys to give Richardson another option to throw to. With the way the offense has been performing, it probably won’t hurt to give some of the other skill positions (ex. Whittemore, Elksnis/Odom or Reynolds) more playing time just to test it out, even if they don’t start.

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      Has Zander’s dropped a pass or even been targeted yet? He might be able to run routes we just don’t throw to him!
      I would sit AR if he is hurt so he can get back to 100%.

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      Cam Parker
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      Only one catch on the year. Was targeted one other time against UK and dropped it before he lost his footing and fell down.

      Not saying he’s terrible at all as he’s been a good sixth blocker in the run-game, but it might be beneficial to try out some of the younger guys like Elksnis or Odom just to see what they can do.

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      I was coming in here just to write down Zanders name.

      He runs like he is stuck in mud and Zipperer had to show him where to line up during a play the other night.

      What does he bring?

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      Mark Wheeler
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      I can name four on defense alone.

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      Our safeties and linebackers are consistently out of position. I do see some promise with some of the young guys. I can’t understand why experienced players are making the same mistakes over and over.

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      Trey Dean

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