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      It was a spectacular game to watch and a great win. But let’s be honest, there are a few things that must improve.


      First and foremost at the biggest moment in the game the defense made the play that sealed the win. And the defense made a great goal line stand earlier in the game.
      However, there were still signs of what has troubled the Gators the last few years. The inability to make stops on third down and get off the field. That must improve as the season progresses or it will cost the Gators.
      Rising is a mobile QB but zero sacks is a concerning stat. Florida will face bigger and better o-lines this season. And teams with more playmakers.


      The offense was resilient and answered every score. The final drive was a masterpiece. It may sound like nitpicking but there was very little vertical attack. Those screens and dumps will get tougher against SEC defenses especially if we aren’t keeping them honest with some chunk plays over the top.

      The best thing about week one is that it provided a lot of film evidence of areas that need improvement and it was still a win over a top ten team.

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      You’re absolutely right. I felt better overall about our defense than I did with grantham. Hopefully after seeing how we allowed them to run the ball we can adjust accordingly.
      Agreed on offense as well. I’d imagine AR takes multiple shots downfield next week to keep Kentucky’s defense honest. Some of the acreen passes on must have downs scared me more than they should.
      Overall though both offense and defense were improved to me and that’s all you can ask for with the same players.

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      Napier talked a lot today about some of the issues on defense. Mainly, it was a lot of communication and misalignment, which were two big issues from the Grantham-era.

      However, a massive change from the end of last season to this season was the resiliency. Despite giving up a few big plays and allowing a couple guys (the tight end and running back) to have success, Florida found a way to force two field goals after long drives and forced Utah to turn the ball over twice inside the 5-yard line.

      I will also point out- it was Patrick Toney’s first time calling a defense in a massive game like Saturday’s. He may be a defensive genius, but he’s going to have a couple growing pains as well. Having to play two ranked teams at home the first two weeks is no easy task, but it will certainly prepare the coaches and the players for when they have to play UGA and TAMU later this year.

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      This team reminds me of the 2019 team. There was leadership from players and discipline. We will lose to more talented teams but no without a fight. I see 10-3 with a bowl victory as our ceiling.

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