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      My post-game overreactions:

      Overreaction 1: It may not be much of a consolation now, but if Florida plays the way it did in the second half – which means Anthony Richardson running when needed, and the defense playing a bit more aggressively – the Gators are absolutely capable of winning the last four regular season games.

      Overreaction 2: It is perfectly okay to say that Billy Napier has done yeoman’s work as the CEO of Florida football and getting the program back on track off the field, but still have concerns about him as a game day coach, particularly with his game management and play calling as the offensive coordinator.

      Even after starting off very well in his first two years, you could see that there was a very definite ceiling to what Dan Mullen was going to be able to accomplish at UF because he wasn’t recruiting to the level to challenge for a four-team CFP spot.

      However, even during those two years, there were absolutely games where he outcoached and out-schemed the opposing staff and his playcalling was fantastic. Hell, I think in the first loss to Georgia, Mullen looked like the better coach, but Kirby Smart had more talent.

      No, this isn’t me calling for a replacement, but what is troublesome about Napier is that at no point through eight games has it felt like he has outcoached the other coach or that ‘man, if he can just get his players in here this thing is going to take off’

      That doesn’t mean it won’t but he has been incredibly underwhelming as a play caller and quarterback coach. At some point does he step back and be the grand overseer and hire a play caller/quarterback coach? Anthony Richardson hasn’t looked good, and it isn’t like we can make the case that he is improving under Napier’s tutelage.

      Overreaction 3: Georgia may still have won the game, but what would the margin have been had Richardson been willing to run in the first half when he carried the ball three times total?

      Coming out of halftime the CBS sideline reporter said that Napier said he was a-okay and that none of the medical staff were tending to him on the sidelines.

      What does that mean?

      Is Napier holding him back or is it that Richardson’s first response to taking a hit that he goes into self-protection mode?

      No, that doesn’t mean that I think he plays soft, but for his size, any little ding seems to cause him to pull back.

      I don’t even know how to draw this analogy.

      If you are driving an old jalopy down the road at 55 and it is vibrating, rattling, and making every noise imaginable, you keep your foot on the gas and keep on trucking on. However, Richardson is such a fine-tuned athlete, a Lamborghini, that if he is going down the road 90 miles an hour and the first time something doesn’t feel 100% perfect, he hears a rattle or a slight hiccup, his first instinct is he lets up off the gas because that shouldn’t be happening to such a high-performance automobile (athlete).

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      Where are the over reactions? These are reasonable seemingly accurate takes.

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      From the Swamp
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      AR is that kid we all grew up with that any sport you were playing if he even stubbed a toe he acted like he was dying.

      If he doesn’t want to run the ball sit him on the bench and let him wait for the draft.

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      Coach does need to go out and get a OC to open it up more. His offense is boring to watch and you have to be able to throw in college football today.

      Running the ball up the middle over and over is boring and defenses are shutting that down compared to teams that spread it out an can throw it around.

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      sounds spot on to me

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      The plays that everyone says Napier called on 3rd down were not designed runs up the middle, but were read options that Richardson either doesn’t know what to read or doesn’t want to pull the ball and carry it himself. At least 3 different times I could see where he could of gained a minimum of 10 yards but for whatever reasons he let the back keep it. He’s great when he has open spaces but ducks or slides when contact is eminent.

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      Overreaction 2: …

      This was very well said, and I’ve had similar thoughts/concerns.
      I think your points about Mullen are spot-on, and I couldn’t agree more.
      The points about Napier include concerns I have and I agree that hopefully at some point, if need be, he considers hiring an OC to revamp the offense.
      It almost seems like he is patterning his offense from Alabama’s from the days when McElwain was the OC.
      But, we should wait a little until either AR develops next year, or Napier gets a QB he recruits – AR is just too inexperienced at the moment.
      I noticed at least three occasions against UGA that he missed open receivers that would have been a TD.
      Give AR another year or two before we judge Napier’s offense- it’s no coincidence that the QBs leading UT and UGA are both 25 years old and leading undefeated teams.

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      Tampa area Gator
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      Richardson looks like Tarzan but plays like Jane sometimes.

      I don’t know if it’s his nature or hes trying to protect his draft position but sometimes he acts like he is scared to run.

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