Minus McClain, UF will continue to struggle recruiting elite instate talent

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      Mark Wheeler
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      With Cormani McClain heading to Miami, that means that while Napier and Company have improved recruiting compared to Mullen and staff, the Gators still aren’t able to get the elite kids in-state.

      Unless something drastic happens, from the On3 Consensus, Florida will only sign one Top 20 in-state kid (Mizell at No. 20) and have commits from only three of the top 30.

      That isn’t going to get it done if UF wants to return to the top.


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      NIL will make college football not worth wasting your time on in three years.

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      I replied to Mark Wheeler in this thread and my reply got lost.
      I also noticed that sometimes when Mark Wheeler posts something, it shows up twice, including this thread.
      Maybe the copy of this thread I replied to got deleted?
      In any case, I will restate the points I made to the post that got lost…

      1. Looking at the On3 team recruiting rankings, only the top five teams (Alabama, Georgia, Notre Dame, Ohio State, LSU) currently have more blue chip recruits committed than UF. Napier’s class (so far) will not only add talent to the team, but also depth. I would worry more about balance than top players committed, at the moment. The class is a little short on offensive linemen and linebackers, in my amateur opinion.

      2. I’ve said this before, new coaches like Cristobal and Kelly got a head start on recruiting the top end talent for this class, since it’s most likely Napier was not recruiting them while at Louisiana. Let’s see what he can do in the next year or two when he is able to establish relationships with recruits while they are underclassmen.

      3. I’ve mentioned this in another thread before, but Tennessee’s current team is 19th in the 247 Sports Team Talent Composite rankings. Let this current recruiting class first sign the papers, enroll in school and play some games before panic sets in.

      4. In the end, there’s still no need to panic…:)

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        1. We are short o line, linebackers and zero tight ends. Also for the second year in a row a qb that doesn’t appear they will be a factor at UF. We praised Mullen for raising the blue chip percentage but also didn’t fill all the needs.

        2. Cristobol and Kelly are established coaches but we have to stop making excuses for our coaches that don’t land an elite bump class. We did the same thing for Mac and Mullen, always said “next year”.

        3. Tennessee had a massive portal addition off-season if I recall correctly. We will need to do the same this year. Napier didn’t hit the portal hard last off-season and it clearly has cost him. Hopefully he learned from that.

        4. We always panic when we lose a 5 star we thought we had! We can’t help it.

        As far as the site, I miss the alert that used to be on the top of the screen that told us when there were more replies to a topic we had commented on. The old site somehow felt more functional or maybe I was just used to it.

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      You make some good points.
      1. Thanks, I forgot about TE. Also, don’t underestimate the value of any QB. There are many examples of QBs who are rated low and eventually develop. If Napier only recruited five star QBs every year, most will just eventually transfer, and then you have no backup QBs.

      2. I am not making excuses for anyone. I’m just saying let everything play out and let’s see. McElwain and Mullen did not put in the effort and emphasis that Napier is in recruiting. Also, if I recall, McElwain had a pretty decent recruiting class going before he was fired and then some of the top recruits left the class. Mullen did not put in the effort, and some of his staff was the same. I also don’t understand this obsession with the bump class.

      3. You make a good point about the transfers, but I believe the composite is a total team talent evaluation of all 85 scholarship players, so the rankings do include transfers.

      4. Well, the only lesson to learn is to not trust the so-called “experts” in recruiting. It’s tough to tell what’s on the mind of a 17 year old.

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      Steve L
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      Mark and every so called “insider” were convinced Cormani was Florida bound. Just shows we can’t believe everything we read. I posted months ago I thought McClain would go to Bama but like everyone else I was wrong but I wasn’t convinced UF would get him. This one hurts but tis what it is.

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      Well, it’s all an inexact science which is why the true champions is determined on the field (more or less).
      If I recall, McClain only had one official visit and that was to Miami.
      Maybe that should been the key indicator.
      Didn’t he cancel an official visit to Alabama?
      And never had one to UF?

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