Max Preps: Where the 2024 Top 100 comes from


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      Mark Wheeler
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      Interesting that both Texas and Georgia have more Top 100 prospects this cycle, though to be clear, the rankings will change.

      Even more importantly for UF is where those instate prospects are located.

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      Look at how that is spread out and it should be us and Georgia battling out for the east every year.

      Kentucky, South Carolina, Missouri, Tennessee and Vanderbilt don’t have the recruiting base like the two of us do.

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      Dan the Man
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      Tennessee recruits nationally better than us so they don’t have to rely on their state as much.

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      Mark Wheeler
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      I might go back and take a closer look at the state of Florida.

      Like I said, location is important. If the top kids are in the Jacksonville area, down the east coast (as far as the Space Coast, and then somewhat into PBC) and then across Orlando into Tampa, traditionally UF has a better chance of landing them than if they are in Dade/Broward County or over in the panhandle.

      So, the state might have 17 Top 100 kids, but if the majority of them are in south Florida or the panhandle rather than northeast or central Florida, the odds that the Gators have of landing them go down.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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