Matthews doesn’t sound high on AR as a quarterback

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      Shane Matthews was on Steve Russell today and said Richardson has a big arm is able to run, then he said he’s coached against him 3 years in high school and what he saw of him then and now is he doesn’t have touch or anticipation enough to be a accurate quarterback and he doesn’t think that can be coached.

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      That’s not what I wanted to see 1st thing in the morning.

      If he can’t be coached to be more accurate what do we do?

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      Starting to look like Felipe Franks all over again. Except there is no Trask waiting in the wings.

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      I’d venture to guess Matthews knows more about quarterbacks than 95% of the people posting on this website. But it’s disturbing to hear it.

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      Shane has said that all summer on his podcast. That is nothing new.

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      He’s not wrong. Richardson’s strength is using his legs. If he isn’t doing that he isn’t a elite quarterback.

      Players improve their accuracy all the time. Maybe we need to send him to some camp with a quarterbacks coach in the summer to tighten up his mechanics?

Viewing 6 reply threads
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