Make your picks on where the July commitments go

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    Dan the Man
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    Where do you think these recruits will commit to this month?


    Mark Wheeler
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    There are still 10 days to go on two of them, more than two weeks on three more. That is a lifetime in recruiting. Anything can happen. As of today, my thoughts…

    Kirkland – UF, MSU and MIA (I’ll say MSU as of today)
    Bryant – MIA or UF (doesn’t matter as we have to watch for Bama down the road)
    Aguirre – Not UF
    Walker – OSU, MICH or UF (He’s been posting a lot of Buckeye stuff. Would be the biggest loss among this group)
    Jackson – UF or TN (I’d say UF as of today)
    LeBlanc – UF, Okl (On one hand, losing a kid who has been on campus 10 times stings, on the other, the DL board is still pretty loaded)
    Aguero – UGA

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    Kirkland Michigan state
    Bryant Gator (bama is bothersome)
    Aguirre no idea
    Walker Gator
    Jackson Gator
    LeBlanc Oklahoma
    Aguero Georgia

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    You can’t be a real Florida fan unless you think we are getting everyone and Billy and crew are the top recruiters in college football.

    This is the way it should looke.

    Kirkland Gator
    Bryant Florida
    Aguirre UF
    Walker orange and blue
    Jackson he’ll be in the Swamp
    LeBlanc Go Gators
    Aguero the next Mr. Two Bits

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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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