Live from football practice (8/23/22)

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      Cam Parker
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      Coming up shortly, UF will be holding a 15-minute open portion of today’s practice. Stay tuned for live coverage, observations and videos.

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      Cam Parker
      ITG Staff


      Non-contact (participants)
      WR JUSTIN SHORTER (split btwn drills and stationary bike)

      Non-contact (non-participants)
      LB AMARI BURNEY (on stationary bike)
      CB DEVIN MOORE (training off to the side)
      TE ARLIS BOARDINGHAM (in sling, training off to side)

      Not in attendance
      QB JACK MILLER III (thumb surgery recovery)
      OL DAVID CONNER (thumb surgery recovery)

      Back to full-contact

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      Mark Wheeler
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      Mark Wheeler
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      Cam Parker
      ITG Staff

      Observations (Health)

      Obviously the news of the day: Ricky Pearsall’s back. I noted in my 5 observations from last week (and the previous ones) that Pearsall was back at least for no-contact and should be ready to go for Utah.

      That appears to be the case with Pearsall a full participant today. Looked nice with clean and crisp routes. Made a really good adjustment on an over-shoulder catch on an under-throw by Max Brown. Maybe a tad-bit slower than before, but that shouldn’t be a surprise considering he suffered a foot injury. That speed should come back as he gets more comfortable running.

      This is also big news considering the three receivers, including projected starter Justin Shorter, in non-contact jerseys. However, it shouldn’t cause too much worry considering all three participated in team and individual drills.

      The CB room made an “injury trade” with Jason Marshall Jr. returning to full contact, and Devin Moore in a non-contact jersey off to the side training. Moore did not participate in the scrimmage.

      Ethan White also made his return to the OL for full-contact, but considering some of the time missed, I wouldn’t project him to start. I would, however, project him to get plenty of playing time against Utah, not bearing a setback with health.

      Florida’s LB health is a tad-bit concerning with Ventrell Miller and Amari Burney in non-contact jerseys. However, it should be noted that Miller participated in individual drills and was full-go at the scrimmage. This is most-likely a case of staying on the safe side and keeping him healthy.

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      Cam Parker
      ITG Staff

      Observations (drills)

      I spent most of my time watching Pearsall to see how he was doing and the safeties.

      As I said above, Pearsall looked good considering he had a few bad balls thrown to him. Good clean routes, but a bit slower than before his injury (no surprise).

      With that being said, the bad throws I saw were by Jack Anders (who’s been working with the QBs on an off-on basis since Miller III’s injury) and Max Brown.

      As for the safeties, the spent time working on breaking up passes on out routes and deep corner routes (not all full speed). Mostly spent focusing on locating the ball and hand placement.

      All had good reps with Trey Dean III making a nice play on a bad pass by Patrick Toney (even earning an apology by Toney for the bad pass).

      Donovan McMillan made a nice break on the ball by smacking it down and pulling it in with his forearm for an INT before stepping out of bounds (Note- focus of the drill was PBU, not INT).

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      Mark Wheeler
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      Mark Wheeler
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      (Free) ITG YouTube Channel: Video highlights from Florida’s Tuesday football practice.


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