Live from football practice (8/20/22)

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    Cam Parker
    ITG Staff

    Coming up shortly, UF will be holding a 15-minute open portion before Scrimmage #2 this afternoon. Stay tuned for live coverage, observations and videos.

    Cam Parker
    ITG Staff

    LB Ventrell Miller has shed is non-contact jersey.

    WR Ja’Markis Weston shed his non-contact jersey.

    Not in attendance:
    WR Ricky Pearsall
    TE Arlis Boardingham
    QB Jack Miller III
    OL Ethan White
    OLB Antwaun Powell-Ryland Jr.
    CB Jason Marshall
    CB Devin Moore

    Cam Parker
    ITG Staff

    The offensive line warmed up in groups (presumably 1st team – 3rd team)

    1st team:
    LT Richard Gouraige
    LG Richie Leonard IV
    C Kingsley Eguakun
    RG O’Cyrus Torrence
    RT Michael Tarquin

    2nd team:
    LT Kamryn Waites
    LG Joshua Braun
    C Jake Slaughter
    RG Jalen Farmer
    RT Austin Barber

    3rd team:
    LT Jordan Herman
    LG Riley Simonds
    C Christian Williams
    RG Hayden Clem
    RT Mark Pitts

    4th team:
    LT: Jackson Crozier
    LG: Yousef Mugharbil
    RT: Will Harrod
    Non-participant (did not attend): Ethan White

    Mark Wheeler
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    Mark Wheeler
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    Mark Wheeler
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    Mark Wheeler
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    Cam Parker
    ITG Staff

    Didn’t get to see much other than who was not at practice and the OL groups.

    The most compelling thing with the QBs is the battle between Max Brown and Jalen Kitna. Both made on-target throws during warm-ups and had nice footwork. If this were the previous staff, I would give the edge to Kitna because of already being at UF for a year. However, with a new staff and Kitna being injured for a bit, Brown could be the backup going into Utah.

    Justus Boone has taken a vocal leadership role in the DL room, leading a chant and being one of the first ones to take a rep.

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    What time do they start?

    Mark Wheeler
    Forum Owner

    (Free) ITG YouTube Channel: Video highlights from Saturday’s Florida’s second scrimmage of fall camp.


Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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