Keeley over Mpemba

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      On Rivals it says we aren’t recruiting 5 star Mpemba hard and we aren’t going to get a official visit.

      When he visited us for FNL he said he was coming back.

      Maybe we are go8ng after Keeleybmow and pulling back on Mpemba?

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      I read somewhere he is a silent to Georgia. Might be a case of we know where he is going and don’t want to waste time?

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      Makes perfect sense

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      I read he was really engaged with the staff FNL. He can go where ever I’m tried of kids trolling us at commit day.

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      Doesn’t is help our cause with Keeley that his coached by Kevin Carter at Berkeley Prep?

      We’ve gotten good players from that school before.

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      Bd, where is somewhere that you read?

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      Go to Gaatorbait and read Franz Beard’s August !8th Thoughts of the Day. Scroll down to Final Pithy Thought and read the three chirps part. It’s about Keeley, Malik Bryant, and Mauioga. Whether anything comes of it or not it’s interesting reading. I wish Beard was still on this website but I sill go to Gatorbait to read his articles.

Viewing 6 reply threads
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