Kearney might be playing us

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      Our coaches need to stay on top of Kearney and get info from his coaches and his teammate that is committed to us to make sure he isn’t playing us to flip back to FSU at the last minute.

      When he committed to them he said he didn’t feel Florida’s coaches were genuine. He said he felt like they were putting on a show.

      Out of nowhere he loves them now?

      That doesn’t make any sense.

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      From the Swamp
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      He sounds sincere in his answers.

      Maybe we weren’t offering enough money back then and he was insulted?

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      Mark Wheeler
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      I actually asked him about his process when he committed to Florida State. Doing so basically as soon as he left campus at Florida seemed to be sort of a setup. I asked him if he was asked to do that , he said he didn’t want to talk about that, he wanted to move forward.

      So here we are.

      Speaking and interacting with him multiple times over the years, he likely said the way he was feeling at that time.

      Opinions and perspectives change, not just for prospects, but for all of us.

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      Maybe he was playing FSU

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        Did you read that interview?

        Di you think he said our coaches are fake and did they talk bad about other schools and don’t seem to be genuine because he was playing FSU?

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