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      Mark Wheeler
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      Never understood how these things happen. Things I’ve never wanted to add to any of my sexual escapades…more dudes!

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      Kelly is building the right culture there.


      He might win early but he won’t last long.

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      All these teams have been hiring hot young women to host recruits for like 5 years.

      This is goign on.

      Didn’t our ex recruiting woman have an affair with a coach?

      Do you see how some of these recruiting women act around recruits on the videos they put up?

      This won’t be the last time we hear about things like this.

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        At miss state but at least that was just 2 adults and not including a player and multiple other employees! Just the baseball coach…allegedly

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        She had an affair with the MSU baseball coach. She didn’t do any of that stuff at Florida I don’t think.

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      Steve L
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      DMD– Unfortunately you are dead on the money I’ll let it go at that without expanding the conversation.

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      From the Swamp
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      You know recruits are hooking up with female staffers all over in every sport.

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      Steve L
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      Hooker recruiters? Does that make coaches pimps?

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      I turned 70 in December and I’ve got news for all of you; this hasn’t gone on for the last 5 years, It was going on when I was 18 in 1970. Has anyone ever heard of the “Gator Getters”?

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        Gatlin Gator
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        No one is going to have a problem with putting pretty female students in contact to hang around football recruits.

        There might be a line you don’t cross when the women are employed by the university.

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      It’s everywhere. All the teams are hiring young snowbunnys to help land recruits.

      Deal with it.

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      Is anyone surprised that this was happening.

      When you mix men and women in any environment there are going to be these kind of situations.

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        In this Georgia accident it was 2 players out with 2 recruiting assistants at 3 in the morning.

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