Is Billy in over his head trying to be the QB coach

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        Dan Mullen was considered a great QB coach and he still had a real QB coach to do the every day coaching.

        Billy Napier isn’t as good as Mullen as a QB coach, offensive guru or a play caller and he is trying to split his time between being a head coach and the QB coach.

        Maybe he should try handing that off to a full time assistant next year.

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          SOS did both. Do you think he should have hired a quarterback coach?

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            AR was a huge part of why we won last week and huge part of why we lost this week. He said he wanted to be a qb and not a runner. This should have shown him he isn’t ready for that. This is a bit premature after week 2 of his first season.

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              You didn’t just try to compare Napier to SOS did you?

              You are reaching there.

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                We’re seeing these first 2 games why Napier was fired by Clemson.

                I think he can be a great coach but he’s going to have to turn over his offense and offensive philosophy to someone else.

                What we’re doing isn’t going to get it done in the SEC.

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