How much money did Miami have to pay Money?

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      From the Swamp
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      Don’t try to tell me that money didn’t have everything to do with this.

      How much was it?

      Has that douche dude tweeted anything about how much he paid?

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      I don’t normally root against a kid who opts to go elsewhere but I will this guy.

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      Mark Wheeler
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      I wouldn’t root against him. He did what he thought was in his own best interests. However, the way this came out of nowhere, I would think that NIL played a part.

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        We’ve always rooted against those that go elsewhere. It’s not like “if you’re not a gator you’re gatorbait” was a form of encouragement.

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      Everybody didn’t think he was coming to Florida for no reason. He lead them to that conclusion. He thought he was cute.

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      Loosing interest in college sports.

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        Me too Warren.

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      I don’t think he thought he was being cute, he was coming to UF until he got an offer he couldn’t refuse. I don’t blame the kid one bit, don’t hate the player, hate the game.

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      From information I’ve garnered, the bag was more than double what the NIL value was annually. BTW, that doosh you’re referring to in Coral Gables can’t help himself. He constantly beefs via tweets with Thompson, Heitner, and anyone else who is a Gator fan. It’s pretty pathetic when an 8 yr old man can’t drag himself away from Twitter due to his hatred for another in-state program. He’s trying to buy relevance for a program that has always bought relevance and a coach that has never really attained any relevance other than being an assistant that has ridden the coat tails of good head coaches. Man Boobs Mario can get all the elite talent he wants, but you have to “coach em up” which is something that he’s yet to prove, even in Eugene with Phil Knight’s money. That’s about all I have to say about that.

Viewing 6 reply threads
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