Hot seat site ranks coach Napier at #10

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      The have all the coaches ranked in order by who is on the hot seat.

      Coach Napier is #10.

      Fisher is the only SEC coach worse off.

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      None of that matters after one year.

      If we have a losing record again then his seat is uncomfortable.

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      The only way Napier doesn’t get a 3rd year to see what he can do with a quarterback like Lagway is if we only win 3 or 4 games this year.

      If that happens I can see us making a change but if we get to 6 or more wins he automatically gets another year.

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        If he only wins 3 or 4 games this year then he shouldn’t get another year.

        But if we win 7 or 8 or more yea he gets 2 more years to get it right.

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      If we have a losing record again he is on the hottest seat of any of the SEC coaches.

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