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      I not a complainer but

      If this is the play calling, we stand to lose quite a few games this year, very vanilla. It’s not going to take much game planning to defend our offense.

      Even worse is the apparent lack of adjustment especially after halftime. This is two weeks in a row (the only two weeks) the other team came out better in the second half and we were extremely flat.

      When Mullen was motivated, a few games a year his halftime adjustments are superior.

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      One thing that is glaring this team lacks playmakers. I cannot think of a time when a Gators team didn’t have playmakers at the skill positions WR and TE mainly . As i stated on another thread AR passing needs alot of work. And yes the play calling is going to have to be a bit more imaginative going to have scheme some offense going forward. I would think AR would be go at roll outs. But then that really only works when you have reeivers that can get separation and that position is lacking somewhat. It explains why Dan used those backs alot catching downfield. I just dont know really if Napier is a very imaginative play caller. Gonna take time with a infusion of talent fit for his style.

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      I can agree with lack of ‘top end’ player makers but every team has receivers that catch the ball. There are only so many top player makers in all of college football. We have receivers just like every other team that wins. What makes a great player is the will to want to be great.

      TE absolutely the most underrated position in football and what we have at TE is not good at all.

      A wide receiver split out standing on the line of scrimmage as a check down is never going to get it done. I would rather see him running around then just standing there with the DB waiting.

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