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    Mark Wheeler
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    If you would have said before the season that Florida would be 1-1 after facing two opponents ranked in the top 20 – 90% of the fanbase would have gladly taken it.

    However, a season-opening win over then No. 7 ranked Utah caused expectations to reach the stratosphere.

    Tonight, reality set in.

    Florida isn’t one of the 12 best teams in the nation.

    Anthony Richardson isn’t a Heisman contender.

    Billy Napier doesn’t walk on water.

    However, Florida is probably a top 25 type of team.

    Richardson is a superb athlete, though an average quarterback (at this point).

    How Napier rates will depend on how the team responds to this loss.

    Last year’s team would have (and did) pack it in.

    What will this year’s version of Florida football do?

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    I’ve watched Gator QBs in Gainesville since Larry Libertore in the early 60s and tonight ranks as one of the worst I’ve seen played by a UF QB. It was obvious we have no backup. At times Richardson’s body language looked as he was lost and had no desire to be there. Stop with the comparisons to Cam Newton or Tebow; never did either of them shy away from contact. I’m afraid we are in for a long season now that teams will correctly just force him to stay in the pocket and read defenses.

    From the Swamp
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    Our offense is bad.

    We ran the ball last week but couldn’t throw besides screen passes.

    I was laughing at people who were saying we could lose 5 or 6 games but we really could.

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    I can live with being 1-1 right now and 2-1 after next week but this offense isn’t going to Tennessee and winning a game.

    Steve L
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    I’m more disappointed than upset. In reality AR has had 3 starts and stunk it up in 2 of the 3. Who knows what the hell is going to transpire with his progress or lack thereof. I do know we need to sign a QB recruit that has great potential. I could easily see a freshman starting next year if we sign a good one. It’s fairly obvious our offense has a ways to go but was nice to see the defense have a good day though.

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    Over reactions all around. We over reacted in a positive way to a good performance in the first game. Now we are over reacting in a negative way to a bad performance.

    Let’s play the games!

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    I expected a loss to Utah but not UK . And it’s hard to pencil wins against the better teams with the way AR is throwing the ball. Offense is going to be up and down all year .AR is not all of a sudden going to correct his passing overnite.

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