How could we not tailor an offense to AR’s strengths

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        Richardson is superman and the next coming and we still had a losing record this year.

        Why didn’t we change things up to fit what he can do to get us through the year?

        This feels like we wasted him.

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          It wasn’t just AR, we had a lot of weaknesses on last year’s team.

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            The best way to tailor an offense to his strong points would be to turn him into a tight end or running back.

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                That’s not altogether true.

                He didn’t have the best completion % but the receivers weren’t great either.

                If he would have run on his own more we would have won a couple more games no matter how good a passer he was.

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                I think Richardson was not willing to run the offense that way. You could see it in his body language and RPO handoff decisions. The game pressures seemed to get to him. Did we ever score in two minute drills? No. He seemed to fall apart at the end of the FSU game.
                Hopefully Mertz will prove to be a fighter and quick decision maker.

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                    I think he was scared to run because he wanted to protect himself for the NFL.

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                        When his best feature is being a runner and he won’t do it there’s no way he was going to be able to lead us to a great season.

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                      Because his strength is running and he did not seem to want to run the ball. Perhaps he was trying to avoid any more injuries out of concern to what that might do to his draft status.

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                        It was tailored for him; time after time obvious situations to keep on the read option he instead handed off. Time after time he put too much on short passes for receivers to handle and apparently now in his Combine interviews he blamed his receivers for his poor completion percentage. Not to mention his multiple pick sixes. I’m glad he’s gone; too good to bench and not good enough to win a championship. Picking AR with a top 10 pick will be highly risky. People are forgetting that the most important thing a QB does is decision making.

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