He’s not on the hot seat, but ESPN has Napier as a coach to keep an eye on


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        ESPN doesn’t put any SEC coaches on the Hot Seat this offseason but does have Billy Napier as one of three coaches to keep an eye on.


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          Lol. He would have to win 3 games to be in danger.

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            He is not on the hot seat after this past season, but with him getting every support item he’s asked for, he needs to at least come in 3rd in the East and CANNOT lose to Tenn, UGA and FSU all again or 2024 will be blistering hot for him.

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              2023 season is going to a huge challenge. Billy needs to weather another tough season prepare to take off with Lagway in 2024. 2024 is Billy’s prove it year.

              Let’s hope Lagway’s ready to go as a freshman and Billy have keep the organization positive through another rough season.

              My take is between now and 2024 Billy has to get out of OC/Play Calling business. He’s way too green as an HC at major college football program to be calling plays. He needs to focus on the organization. Even Josh Heupel has an OC at UT and he’s a proven play caller. Can you name a successful HC lately that calls plays full time?

              We are undermanned for 2023 in general and uncertain at QB. The OL is a huge concern now and in the future. We can’t seem to recruit that position. We’re going to need at least one of the true freshman receivers to be a big time difference maker but I’m not holding my breath. Do we have the depth on DL and LB to defend the run in the SEC?

              Tennessee might take a step back without Hooker but they will be solid. Georgia is Georgia albeit breaking in a new QB. We will struggle vs. them. Kentucky is solid and they probably got a better transfer QB than we did (I hate those guys). Vandy is not your grandfather’s Vandy but they lost their QB to transfer and he was a difference maker. USCe has their QB returning and ton of confidence. I’m pretty confident we can beat Missou. FSU has a bunch of good transfers and proven QB returning. At least it’s in Gainesville… At least Arksansas is in Gainesville too, with a new QB. At LSU is a tall order. You know Billy wants that one bad but we will be outmatched in the trenches up there.

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                I don’t think Napier is going away anytime soon.

                … and his success is tied to athletic director Scott Stricklin …

                This is a key quote, I think.
                I think Stricklin gives Napier enough time to fix the culture in the program first, broken since Urban Meyer.
                Each coach since then has had their flaws – Muschamp could not have any consistency in the offense – McElwain and Mullen had abrasive personalities which didn’t sit well with the administration, which probably won’t be a problem with Napier.
                With Mullen, it was clear the players quit on him, so something had to change.
                As long as the overall program shows improvement, I think Napier will be the coach and enough time will be given to him to start showing improvement on the field.

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                  There’s no way coach doesn’t get four years.

                  We would have to be bad. worst in the east bad, for him not to make it thru 4 years.

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