Hayes: Can’t blame Mullen

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      He hit the nail on the head.

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      Yeah, I agree that the last game should not be blamed on Mullen, but Hayes wrote some stuff in his article I did not agree with.
      I don’t buy the comparison to other programs he makes (LSU, TCU, USC).
      All new coaches come from different places and walk into different situations.
      I also don’t agree with his assessment of Richardson’s progress.
      Hasn’t he thrown 9 TDs vs 1 INT in the last five games or so?
      I think he is progressing, but will need another year at Florida to be ready for the NFL.
      Also, Florida has historically had trouble with Vanderbilt.
      This is not to excuse the latest debacle, but just to point out that this is nothing new.
      I think it’s best to wait to see what Napier does in the next couple of years to the program.
      He seems to say the right things, but he now needs to be able to have his message sink in with the players.

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      Napier will be fine but it is time to blame Napier for some of his bad decisions. Mullen didn’t have an elite team but there’s plenty of talent to win 8.

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      I know we can’t because as bad as he was Mullen beat Vanderbilt and FSwho.

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