Getting Cormani McClain won’t move us up in the rankings

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      We are in 8th place and have 270 points on 247.

      I added Cormani McClain using their class calculator and it gave us 279 points but still kept us in 8th place.

      We are adding the 4th best player and we don’t make the top 5?

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      Let’s just be happy we’re landing a consensus 5 star!

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        I would of been happy.

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      And McClain took the money instead

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        I agree, at least til the NCAA gets some rules in place. Turd bag Ruiz has made it his life’s work to swoop in at the last minute with double the bag for his buddy, Man Boobs Mario. Then he gets on Twitter to brag about it like he’s some big deal. I’m ok with it. If a kid wants to “take the money and run”, so be it, but do it w/o tarnishing the moment. After his commitment, he posted Gator Hater with one of his buddies on social media. It is what it is. Let him go to Miami and be a mercenary in front of 3500 fans in the ACC. CBN has been here almost a year. He carries himself with class, dignity, and maturity, something that some coaches and commits know nothing about. With some of the comments Man Boobs has made in social media, he is the exact opposite. I’m sure glad that CBN chose to lead the Gators.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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