Game Week Prediction: Florida vs. Utah


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      Mark Wheeler
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      Here we go, let’s play.

      What is the Florida v Utah score?

      As a tiebreaker, what is Anthony Richardson’s combined pass/rush yardage?

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      Gator Thriller
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      The good guys take it 30-20.

      Richardson has 317 yards.

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      Gatlin Gator
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      Florida 24-21 with AR getting 290 yards.

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      ITG Subscriber

      Gators win 28-21.

      Richardson has 240 yards passing
      And over 100 yards rushing.

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      ITG Subscriber

      I love the Gators but this is the #7 team going against a unranked team.

      Utah wins 28-17.

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      Mark Wheeler
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      If you base it on ranking, this is an easy pick – a blowout in favor of Utah.

      If you dig a little deeper though, from top to bottom Florida has the more talented players, but may not be the more talented team if that makes sense.

      I keep going back to home field advantage. Utah was 3-3 on the road last year, losing to SDSU in front of 12,000 and Oregon State with 30,000 in the stands.

      There will be three times that many hot, sweaty and loud ass Florida fans on Saturday night.

      If UF can keep them in check early on – don’t allow Utah to make a big play or take a big lead early – that will keep the fans in the game and make for a long 3 1/2 hours for the Utes.

      Florida 28-27

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      Steve L
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      UTAH 28-24. Richardson 220 passing, 85 rushing

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      Cam Parker
      ITG Staff

      Prediction: Florida 31, Utah 27

      Florida is most likely going to run first, run second and run third (lol). With Florida’s big body OL, deep RB room and AR’s dynamic play making ability, Florida should have no problem running the ball.

      I also have a lot of trust in Florida’s front six (at least the starters) on defense, but it will still be a close game.

      AR stats guess: 220 passing, 85 rushing, 305 total

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      UF 23-13

      Season opener on the road at Florida is going to be hard for Utah. The crown, as always, is going to play a big part.

      Florida has something to prove and i believe they will be ultra focused and more discipline they what we have seen in the past.

      I believe Florida is a better team this year than last year and they nearly beat Alabama at home early in the season.

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      Heat will be a significant factor. Improved Defense and Run game wins 31-17 good guys. AR has 175 passing and 115 rushing. Go Gators!!

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      Chris Will
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      Florida 35-28
      Richardson 225 passing and 50 yards on the ground

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      Rafael De Los Santos
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      Prediction: Florida win, 27-24

      Utah definitely comes in the hotter of the two teams. But, there is just too much wind in the wings of this Florida team.

      New regime, new leader in AR and now the weather playing a huge factor in a packed swamp.

      It’ll come down to offensive execution and a Gator defense that will be battle tested, but the Gators will have the names in Miller, Dexter, Cox and Dean.

      All backed by an AR with 260 passing and 40 rushing, 300 even total.

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      Zackary Weiss
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      This Utah team has not experienced anything quite like what they’re about to. Their emulating in practices of the looming atmosphere will prove to be futile tomorrow night when the Swamp roars in its pinnacle form.

      Florida will upset the #7 Utes 23-20 and Anthony Richardson will have himself a game.
      Expect 200+ passing yards and 50+ rushing.
      My prediction – just for the sake of it? 220 and 75.

      Utah is a very, very good football team, yes — but, they’re a known commodity.

      The Gators, on the other hand, are a bottomless pit of potential energy.

      Tomorrow, Napier turns potential into product — announcing his arrival at Florida to the college football world in mightily impressive fashion.

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      ITG Subscriber

      34-31 gators. AR combines for 355

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      Mark Wheeler
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      Four posters nailed the three point final spread:

      Gatlin Gator

      The winner via tie breaker is Gatlin’s 290 yards being just 16 off of Richardson’s 274 total yards.

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