Game Week Prediction: Florida vs. Tennessee

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      Mark Wheeler
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      Here we go, let’s play.

      What is the Florida v Tennessee score?

      As a tiebreaker, how many passing yards will the UF defense allow?

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      Mark Wheeler
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      Is everyone afraid to go on the record?

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      Mark Wheeler
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      In the end, this really all just boils down to one person. I posted after the USF game that perhaps Anthony Richardson will perform better on the road, away from the pressure of playing at home, in his hometown.

      His two best passing performances last year were on the road at LSU and USF.

      What if he doesn’t settle down though?

      Really, this is the first time in I don’t know how long that I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if Florida got their doors blown off. I haven’t felt that way when they faced top ranked teams like UGA and Bama over the last few years. I also wouldn’t be surprised if they put it all together and won.

      That is a testament to where this team stands.

      I’m going to go out on a limb and say Richardson rebounds, and Florida is in the head of Tennesee more than his poor play is in the head of Richardson.

      Gators 27
      Vols 24

      UF will give up 217 yards passing.

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      We give up 237 on the air.
      God that was tough to type. I hope I’m wrong.

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      Steven Hieneman
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      Well guys, I hope I’m wrong about this. With Heupel’s high-leverage offense and the issues our defense has had, I feel like this game could get out of hand. The Gators’ hope is that they can create turnovers and pressure Henson Hooker enough so as not to give him time to throw downfield. If they cannot do these things, which I am not sure they can, Tennessee wins big.

      Vols 45, Gators 20

      Tennessee records 314 through the air.

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      Rafael De Los Santos
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      I think this game gets out of hand and shows that Richardson is two years away from being that guy.

      Tennessee – 34
      Florida – 24

      Hooker goes for 311 in the air game.

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      Zackary Weiss
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      If Florida wins, which I wouldn’t be surprised to see happen, it’s going to be because AR figured his you know what out — which means it’ll be a high scoring game.

      The more likely scenario, though, based on what we’ve seen, is that he continues to struggle and the Gator defense can’t put it together without Ventrell (assuming he’s out).

      If UF does get it done, we’re looking at a 31-28 type of game.

      My official prediction, however:

      28-14 Tennessee
      250 in the air for the Volunteers

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      Cam Parker
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      At the beginning of the year, I had Florida starting the season 3-1 with their only loss to Tennessee. However, that’s more a testament to how good I thought Tennessee would be rather than how lackluster Florida would be.

      Had Florida beaten Kentucky, I would probably have a different prediction, even with UF’s offensive struggles.

      That being said, I think Tennessee pulls out the win at home. It’ll be hard to pick Florida in 50/50 games down the stretch unless they prove to be competent in the passing game and if Ventrell Miller comes back strong.

      UT- 31
      UF- 27

      Hooker goes for 275. I do think Richardson will have a better performance than his previous two, but Tennessee is slightly more experienced.

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      ITG Subscriber

      I’m not as afraid of hooker passing but I fear Tennessee running it down our throats. If we can slow that down we will be fine. Have our DC figured out an adjustment to do so?

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      Steve L
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      Tennessee 35-14. Vols won’t need any field any field goals. I’m fearful of a rout.

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      ITG Subscriber

      UF 23-21

      241 yards

      Hopefully we run the ball and have more sustained drive so our defense does not get wore out

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      Mark Wheeler
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      Cam was closest!

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