Game Week Prediction: Florida vs. Missouri

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      Mark Wheeler
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      Here we go, let’s play.

      What is the Florida v Missouri score?

      As a tiebreaker, how many yards passing will Florida give up?

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      From the Swamp
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      We win 28-13 while giving up 223 pass yards.

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      Mark Wheeler
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      This series has been closer than you would expect. Having said that, Florida should put it all together on Saturday.

      Florida: 42
      Missouri: 17

      181 yards passing and we’ll all be praising the secondary.

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      ITG Subscriber

      Florida 31
      Mizzou 20

      Give up 209

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      Steve L
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      Missouri has a knack for giving the Gators a fit. With that said I hope, more than think they squeak out a 24-20 win. Give up 200 yards passing.

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      Rafael De Los Santos
      ITG Subscriber

      Florida – 30
      Missouri- 21

      Sadly, Florida will give up 200 yards in the air.

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      ITG Subscriber

      gators – 34
      tigers – 31

      We give up 240 yards passing

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      Zackary Weiss
      ITG Subscriber

      Missouri comes in confident after being the better team for 90% of their game against Georgia last weekend, and they play the Gators tough.

      However, Richardson continues to ride his hot streak and has another good game — despite the Tigers’ formidable line.
      He’ll make a lot of plays outside the pocket, rolling out to both sides, and continue to find guys like Justin Shorter, Ricky Pearsall and Keon Zipperer downfield.

      Florida wins 35-28

      Unfortunately, though, the secondary is still the secondary.
      Mizzou throws for 250 yards.

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      Cam Parker
      ITG Staff

      Florida 38, Missouri 21

      The Florida-Missouri “rivalry” has been weird to say the least. No matter how good the Gators have been, the Tigers have always found a way to make it competitive, even if they don’t always pull out the win. I expect this one to be close in the first half, but the Gators pull away in the second half behind a solid game from Richardson, another big rushing day and a second half defensive performance reminiscent of the Utah and Kentucky games.

      Missouri does throw for around 200 yards, but no more than 220.

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      Steven Hieneman
      ITG Subscriber

      Florida vs. Missouri is an interesting matchup to say the least. Both teams have had lackluster seasons thus far, but they both seem to be on the rise after last week.

      Final score: Florida 24, Missouri 20

      Gators give up 182 through the air, and Trey Dean has an unexpected airtight game.

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      ITG Subscriber

      UF 37 MIZZOU 27 MIZZOU 410 yds

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      Chris Will
      ITG Subscriber

      UF 34 Mizzou 24
      Florida will give up 252 passing yards

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      Mark Wheeler
      Forum Owner

      Zack and Cam both hit the seven-point spread, but Cam hit the passing number on the mark (damn!!)

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