Game Week Prediction: Florida vs. LSU


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      Mark Wheeler
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      Here we go, let’s play.

      What is the Florida v LSU score?

      As a tiebreaker, how many times will Florida punt?

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      ITG Subscriber

      LSU 21

      4 punts

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      Mark Wheeler
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      I can’t put my finger on it, but I feel like Florida is going to do better than the 2 1/2 point spread.

      LSU came into the season with maybe the best defensive line in the nation, but they’ve had some injuries, and really have underperformed as a unit while Florida’s offensive line has been damn good. With O’Cyrus Torrence I think UF wins by two touchdowns, without him it is closer.

      I’ll split the difference and say Gators 27, LSU 17 with UF punting three times.

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      Cam Parker
      ITG Staff

      I don’t want to get too ahead of myself as the last two times I did, Florida lost games that frankly should not have been close to begin with. That being said, I don’t think it happens a third time.

      Napier is a proven winner in close games, and with home-field advantage, I think the Gators pull out the win in similar fashion to the Missouri win.

      Florida 24, LSU 20.

      Gators punt 4 times.

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      ITG Subscriber

      36-30 good guys

      5 punts

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      Steve L
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      Gators 28-24 punt 4 punt 4 times

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      Rafael De Los Santos
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      FL: 30
      Hopefully, Mihalek doesn’t kick any 50-yarders. Florida punts 5 times.

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      Chris Will
      ITG Subscriber

      UF 28 LSU 24
      Crawshaw punts three times, but Florida goes for it on fourth four times

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