Game Week Prediction: Florida vs. Kentucky

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      Mark Wheeler
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        Here we go, let’s play.

        What is the Florida v Kentucky score?

        As a tiebreaker, how many rushing yards will Florida give up?

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        ITG Subscriber

          Florida 28 Ky 24

          Gators give up 87 yards rushing

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          ITG Subscriber

            30-20 Gators. UF gives up 145 rushing 200 passing. I’ll throw in 3 sacks on KY QB.

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            ITG Subscriber

              34 – 16
              118 rushing yards

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              Chris Will
              ITG Subscriber

                UF 35 UK 21
                Gators give up 115 yards on the ground with Will Levis leading the Wildcats in rushing yards

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                Zackary Weiss
                ITG Subscriber

                  Florida – 31
                  Kentucky – 27
                  110 rushing yards

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                  Steve L
                  ITG Subscriber

                    UF 30-20 175 yds rushing

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                    Fun & Gun
                    ITG Subscriber

                      We are about to be 2-0 with wins over 2 top 20 teams.

                      Gators win it 24-17.

                      We only give up 74 yards with them being down to their 4th string back.

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                      Mark Wheeler
                      Forum Owner

                        The one completely abysmal area for Florida last week was the Gators’ run defense. If UK had their top backs, this could have potentially been one hell of a game. Without them, it will allow UF to key on Will Levis (who I still don’t understand what the hype is about after seeing him against the Gators last year).

                        It feels like this one could get out of hand.

                        Florida takes it 42-10.

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                        Mark Wheeler
                        Forum Owner

                          Oh shoot, I forgot to put the rush total.

                          We’ll say 77 yards.

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                          Steven Hieneman
                          ITG Subscriber

                            Gators win 38-24.

                            Florida gives up 71 yards on the ground.

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                            Cam Parker
                            ITG Staff

                              Prediction: Florida 34, Kentucky 24

                              Florida gives up barely around 90 yards rushing (Range: 85-105)

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                              ITG Subscriber

                                34-24 Gators. UF gives up 120 yds on the ground.

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                                ITG Subscriber

                                  UF 27-18

                                  103 yards

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                                  Rafael De Los Santos
                                  ITG Subscriber

                                    34-24 Gators.

                                    Florida gives up 65 yards rushing.

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                                    Mark Wheeler
                                    Forum Owner

                                      No one predicted UK, thus there’s no winner this week.

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