Game Week Prediction: Florida vs. Georgia

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      Mark Wheeler
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      Here we go, let’s play.

      What is the Florida v LSU score?

      As a tiebreaker, how many points will the two teams combine to score in the third quarter?

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      Steve L
      ITG Subscriber

      Florida vs LSU score? Lol! Pretty sure everyone can get that one right. No offense Mark, just had to take my shot.
      Georgia, 49- 20. 20 points in the third quarter.

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      ITG Subscriber

      Ga 42-17

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      Steve L
      ITG Subscriber

      Terminator- Looks like you and I agree UGA covers the spread. Don’t you hope we’re both wrong?

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      ITG Subscriber

      Yes Steve L especially since I live in NE GA and have a family full of Leghumpers. We’ll be there though and I’ll be sitting in the middle of them. It’s all in fun…….for the most part lol.

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      ITG Subscriber

      This isn’t going to be pretty for us.

      Dogs take it 45-17 with 17 3rd quarter points.

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      ITG Subscriber

      GA 52
      FL 24

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      ITG Subscriber

      This is the first game I won’t be watching at all in I think at least 15 years. I have a family obligation to go to and I would normally make sure there is a TV somewhere close so I can watch but I’m not worried about it Saturday.

      We are getting killed 48-10. They will score 14 points in the 3rd quarter. We won’t score any.

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      ITG Subscriber

      Me too Titletown

      I’m going to be in a deer stand instead. I usually give up the second weekend of the hunting season to watch this game with friends. Not this year.

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      Mark Wheeler
      Forum Owner

      Florida stands at 4-3, but this is the first time this year I am picking against the Gators.

      I’m hardly a homer, but I honestly thought that there were reasons to pick Florida to win the first seven games.

      This one though, ouch.

      Every single thing points to a blowout.

      Will it get to three touchdowns though?

      I’m not so sure.

      Since it is expected to be a blowout, I think it might be closer than many think.

      UGA – 38
      UF – 35
      10 third-quarter points, all by the Bulldogs.

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      Steve L
      ITG Subscriber

      Romeg8r. Same for me. I’ve done the same thing for years except the game that got McElwain fired. I killed a nice 9 point yesterday and still have a huge 8 point frequenting my stand area. Far better than sitting in a stadium wishing I was elsewhere.

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      Chris Will
      ITG Subscriber

      UGA 45-17
      28 points in the third quarter

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      ITG Subscriber

      45-21 leg humpers

      27 3rd quarter points. Wanted to go 28 but the above poster beat me to it.

      If Florida wins it will be 38-35. Trying for some optimism here.

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      Zackary Weiss
      ITG Subscriber

      There’s no logical reasoning that exists to justify believing Florida will win this game. Georgia appears to be better… everywhere.

      The Gators’ porous play in the secondary and Bowers’ dominance will be the storylines this afternoon.

      An efficient Richardson performance and solid run-game courtesy of Johnson/Etienne could cover the spread, but it’d take something pretty unfathomable — based on what we’ve seen from both teams this season — for a Florida win to come to fruition.

      UGA 42

      UF 20

      Teams will combine for 24 in the third.

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      Rafael De Los Santos
      ITG Subscriber

      UGA – 55
      FL – 27

      31 third-quarter points. (24 from Georgia)

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      Cam Parker
      ITG Staff

      UGA- 45
      UF- 24

      21 points in the third quarter, all by UGA (oh ye of little faith, Cam). Sorry, I just don’t trust Florida’s third quarter play at all.

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      Zackary Weiss
      ITG Subscriber

      My prediction was… well… I’d say it was pretty darn good.

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        Mark Wheeler
        Forum Owner

        Damn. Play the lottery tonight.

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