Game Week Prediction: Florida vs. Eastern Washington

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      Mark Wheeler
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        Here we go, let’s play.

        What is the Florida v Eastern Washington score?

        As a tiebreaker, how many yards receiving will Pearsall have?

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          52-10 87 yards receiving
          I don’t think the game gets played due to the storm though. Eastern Washington won’t send its players to Florida to ride out a hurricane and hope the swamp has power

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              Gators 51
              Eagles 7

              48 yards for Pearsall before we sit all the starters down.

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              Cam Parker
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                UF- 45, EW 10

                Pearsall with 80 yards. A lot more balanced attack rather than the last few games. I do expect to see plenty of backups down the stretch.

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                  Steve L
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                    42-10 Pearsall 40 yds

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                    ITG Subscriber

                      52-20. Pearsall 7 catches for 77 yards.

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                      Chris Will
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                        I’ve got 42-21 in favor of the Gators.

                        Pearsall will have 83 yards receiving

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                        Mark Wheeler
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                          This should be butt kicking, but there are a ton of distractions this week.


                          59-13 with 117 yards.

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                          Mark Wheeler
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                            Cam and Rome hit the 35 point spread on the dot. Rome though didn’t give a yardage prediction for Pearsall.

                            Congratulations Cam.

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