Game Day: No. 12 Florida v No. 20 Kentucky

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    Mark Wheeler
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    Going for it on fourth down on back-to-back drives and you have a quarterback who was (on the first attempt) 10-of-25 on the night throwing the ball?

    Cam Parker
    ITG Staff

    Fans are clearing out. This one is pretty much over

    Rafael De Los Santos
    ITG Subscriber

    Steven Hieneman
    ITG Subscriber

    Well, it’s down to this. The Gators will be bringing everything they have to block this field goal.

    Zackary Weiss
    ITG Subscriber

    Richardson was stoic on the sideline as Kentucky made the FG to go up 10.

    Steven Hieneman
    ITG Subscriber

    JJ Weaver is on the sidelines asking the cheerleaders for a flag. Luckily, they did not have one. He was going to plant it.

    ITG Subscriber

    Richardson will hopefully learn a lot fron thos game. Franks had all the physical tools too. Richardson looked a lot like Franks tonight.

Viewing 7 posts - 201 through 207 (of 207 total)
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