FSU is rewarding a 18-16 record

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      FSU is making Norvell one of the highest paid coaches after he is 18-16 for them with one good season and two bad ones.

      I wouldn’t extend him at his current salary much less give him a raise.

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      Probably because they are headed in the right direction.

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        You need more than one good season out of three to know if he is worth it or they’re just increasing the byeout when they find out he isn’t.

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      Make it a lifetime contract with no possibility of firing him.

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      They have a lot of players coming back and from the portal. They’ll win 10 more this year.

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      He can recruit great transfers but not from high school.

      Billy recruits better high school recruits but worse transfers.

      Which one is going to be the most important year after year?

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