Former coach is calling out Mullen for being a bitch

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    Smith is part of the Meyer crew of coaches so he would know.

    Mullen was screwing everyone over while he was checked out.

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    Mullen was a meh hire. Never did anything great at MSU and recruited average there. Sure, he was a successful coordinator under Meyer. He was weird then and it never changed. He’s still weird. Surprising that he lasted as long as he did as a head coach. MSU was happy with 8 wins a year. That won’t cut it at UF. Guess we’ll never know all of the dynamics of the past four seasons. Glad we’ve moved on and have CBN and staff!

    Mark Wheeler
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    I would say consider the source when it comes to this.

    Steve L
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    Smith is not going to be anointed for sainthood. He’s a piece of crap so he and Dan made a good pair. Two turds circling the toilet bowl.

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    Well, I can certainly agree with you there.

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    This is coming from someone who assaulted his pregnant wife.

    First of all, zach smith worked under Mullen while at UF. There is clearly some long-standing animosity from the hot-headed smith.

    Second, I could care less if he praised Mullen – zach smith is a piece of shit and anything he says should be ignored

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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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