Florida quarterback commits Rashada and Stokes season statistics

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      I hadn’t realized Stokes ran as much as he does. If he sticks in the class, that would make 5 QBs with AR and 4 after he leaves. I assume AR is a Gator in 2023.

      It seems we really like Rashada and have no interest in Emory Williams.

      I hope it pans out for the good guys.

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      I wonder if Stokes starts to look around or if the coaches push him out?

      He is the 2nd worst of the Elite 11 QBs.

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      Dan the Man
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      I don’t think we push him out because we don’t have that many quarterbacks.

      If anything he probably looks at us getting Rashada and how Kitna has played and starts thinking he won’t be able to beat them out for time.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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