Florida offers unrated LB/S as a PWO

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      Mark Wheeler
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      Ahman Covington.

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      Cam Parker
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      Local recruit who played at Gainesville High before transferring to Bradford HS this offseason.

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      Kid may turn out to be a great Gator should he decide to commit. I met Kerwin Bell in Biltmore Park two weeks ago. We were walking by each other. He had on a Western Carolina shirt and I was wearing one of my many Gator shirts (Life Took Me to North Carolina But I’ll Always Be a Gator) and a Gator visor. At the same time, we looked at each other and said, “Go Gators!” We talked and I told him that I recognized him and that I was born and raised a Gator, but ended up attending Western Carolina on an academic and football scholly. He was super nice and since he had the longer arms, ended up taking selfies with me. What a way to celebrate my birthday. My wife said that the Lord couldn’t have planned it any better. I hadn’t visited Western in years. What were the chances that we’d even meet? BTW, Kerwin Bell is the head football coach at Western Carolina. He was a PWO and a great Gator!

Viewing 2 reply threads
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